Finally Found: iPhone Killer

x-men2- cop32yWe thought the Diamond will kill the iPhone, but that was just a joke,(right?).

We truly believed Samsung Omnia will do the work, but the iPhone isn't dead yet...

The iPhone Killer must be there somewhere, waiting for someone to spot it, we figured, but where is it?

Storm copy2RIM gave it a shot with BlackBerry Storm.

It had not impact so they decided to make another one, but in the meantime, call the Touch HD!



HD_Wolverine The manliest gadget of them all almost did it, but just couldn't finish the job.,,



But today.


The MobileSpoon proudly presents:


The real iPhone Killer!


(specs are evolving on the fly...)


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Sam Hobson said…
That was a good one.  You actually had me going there!
JyPhy said…
Hehe I wasn't really expecting this, it's a lot better then expected ;)