First tweaks for SPB Mobile Shell 3


SPB Mobile Shell was officially released less than 24 hours ago and already there are few tweaks and tricks which can be made to modify the behavior of this great application.

Before you begin to tweak thing around - check out the MobileSpoon's official review of SPB Mobile Shell 3.

Adding more pages to the Lifestyle Screen (widgets area)

Screen79 - Open registry folder:
hklm/software/spb software house 2/spb mobile shell/widgets/homescreen

- Change "pagecount" to desired number.. i put 4.

- Soft reset..

(Tested on 10 pages)

Customising the launcher screen:

Screen94 If you want to create another folder in that bottom right blank space:

- Go to HKLM\Software\SPB Software House 2\SPB Mobile Shell\Menu\Root\
- Create a new key called whatever you want your new folder to be.
- Copy the contents of the 'My Shortcuts' key into the one you just created
- Change the value of the 'Text' string to be the name of the folder.

If you want to change the order of the folders:

Changing the 'Index' value changes which position in the grid the folder appears (0 is top left, 8 is bottom right). The 'Image' value will change the icon as follows:
0 = Toolbox
1 = Phone with envelope
2 = Globe
3 = Calendar
4 = Shortcuts
5 = Program Folder
6 = Camera and clapperboard
7 = Cog/Spanner


Warning- SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 Released. It's Addictive


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Guest said…
how do i increase the size of my lifestyle program shortcut icons? SPB 3.01 only offers small or medium when i go to change.....but i want LARGE.