HTC Snap gets an hands-on review


There's a great hands-on review of the new HTC Snap in WMExperts, here's one of the highlights:

In the hand, the Snap feels almost illicitly good. In an age where everybody else (including, er, HTC) is going with glossy and shiny, the Snap is unabashedly covered in the best "soft touch finish" I've ever laid hands on. The thing is grippable and the best way I can explain the feel is that it's a very good mix of organic curves and hard lines. I also adore the color, which has just enough brown notes to be interesting without falling into Zune territory."

thumb_250_htc-snap-hands-on17 thumb_250_htc-snap-hands-on07

I have to admit that I like the color as well as the keyboard design, but I really don't like the standard edition of Windows Mobile, so I'm not sure I will want this device.

Another thing I just spotted: Is the HTC Snap too long or is it just the BlackBerry device which is a bit too stocky?


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