The Incomplete Guide to Windows Mobile Screen Unlockers

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Have you ever accidentally ignored an incoming call? Have you ever accidentally answered a call and left the caller 'talking to your pocket'? Have you ever accidentally called the last person on earth you wanted to talk to, dismissed a reminder or an alarms?

If any of the above rings a bell, this guide is for you!

Here's a collection of the lock / unlock screens available for Windows Mobile. All of them (except one) are freewares, and I believe there are more, but those are the popular ones. Enjoy!


S2U2 is probably one of the most popular unlockers. It has a few different modes, one of them looks very similar to the iPhone lock screen. Let's see what the developer had to say about it:

s2u2-wip s2u2-160

S2U2 is a simple lock/unlock application which has the iPhone style slide unlocking. It can be used as a screensaver while you don't use your device. It has CallerID function (but may not work on some devices, so please try it first); S2P control plugin; and volume control. It can show many system information (customizable) even without unlocking.

Download S2U2


Another famous freeware, from the developer of ThrottleLauncher, a great unlocker screen,  which requires a pattern which was predefined. This one has powerful skin capabilities as seen below:

tlaldur11 alienware11 marioscreenshot111 vista11

Here's what the developer had to say about it:

ThrottleLock is a little app to lock your device. It will only be unlocked when a pattern is drawn on a grid of points

Download ThrottleLock



This one is still in beta phase, but I liked the idea of it:


This one is from the XDA-Developers, here's a quote:

The whole point of the program is to unlock you device not with some alphanumeric sequence or a simple key combination, but with a sequence/pattern of points on screen. I'm sure it was done before by somebody, but I didn't find anything and wanted to write my own.
The app consists of 2 main parts (separate programs): the lock part (Organic), the configurator (Technic).
The app works as an addition to a standard locker (and possibly any other, that properly sets lock flag in registry). It starts immediately when standart locker unlocks the screen. Then the sequence entering screen is shown, where you need to repeat the configured sequence by taping the moving shapes (or a static picture).
Device can be automatically locked after soft-reset (configurable).
Going to check compatibility/add with different screen lockers (like S2U2) in future versions.
Locker does not consume any resources while screen is locked. It is only activated when unlock is initiated.

Download OrganicLock


I previously posted about mLock before, it's a free lock screen which requires a pass code, here's a screenshot:


More information and download links can be found in here.

TouchLockPro v1.5

This one is only for the ones who owns HTC Touch Diamond or Pro/Fuze. It gives a visual indication of the lock status on top of the TouchFlo user interface.


Here's what the developer had to say about it:

TouchLockPro is an application that use to disable touch panel and/or hardware keys for the Touch Diamond and Pro, but whats make this software different than another, lets see this improvement : lock using the Power button, BattClock and/or Stylus Sensor, auto-unlock by the Light Sensor, unlock using triple touch of the Capacitive Sensor, unlock using Stylus Sensor, unlock when on AC/USB power.

Download CAB File


Another locker for HTC Touch devices (Diamond/Pro/Fuze). This one uses the sensor to lock the device when it is put on his screen.

sensorlock_htc_diamond_sensor_freeware sensor-lock-001

Locking and unlocking is simply done by rotating the device around its longest axis (clockwise for locking and counter-clockwise for unlocking) and can be done in any program.

Read more or download SensorLock from here.


This one is an innovative unlock screen, I really like the idea behind this:


Here are the developer's notes:

Sunscape is an opensource alternative to the iPhone lock. Sunscape tries to allow the user to fully configure the screen locker down to the very last details as well as maintaining a small memory footprint and trying to be as compatible as possible with very many different devices.


  • R2U (rub to unlock) and S2U (slide to unlock)
  • vga/qvga anything, depends what you configure it to be!
  • fully configurable interface (including graphics etc...) based on a documented XML file with configuration tool.
  • on screen display for time, date, appointments, alarms.
  • on screen display of battery, messages, notes, emails, signal, weather, etc...
  • uses pressure-points instead of "slide to unlock", future releases will include other nifty ways to unlock based on touch.
  • has a small memory footprint and triggers based on time and load opposed to OEM "backlight" triggers.
  • can hotswap portrait vs landscape, ie, it will automatically switch to landscape or portrait mode on supported devices.
  • has separate configuration options for both modes portrait and landscape.
  • supports fully configurable full screen callerID and answer or reject by reaching a pressure point.
  • The tool currently miss a configuration screen, you will have to do it using the XML file, but still, worth checking.

    Download Sunscape (XDA-Developers thread)


    This one is not a freeware, so I'm not sure how attractive it will be for you guys to try it, especially after all the free alternatives, but just in case, download link can be found below:


    Here's what the developer had to say about PocketShield:

    PocketShield is an intelligent locking/unlocking application. Prevents accidental touch on the phone screen specially when it is turned on not precisely by you. For example: when receiving calls, email notifications, SMS, alarms, etc. As you may have experienced, PocketPCs “wake up” whenever any of these events occur, they will also wake up when batteries are low, and randomly when phone signal changes antenna depending on your location. But the problem is: what if the phone is inside your pocket in that moment? or inside its case or pouch? Touch screens will take any touch over it as a user input, and arbitrary “touching” could cause many undesired results! (refer to questions on top).

    Download PocketShield here

    More details in here.

    That's it for this incomplete guide, if you have more screen unlockers - please add your comment and I will try to review them as well.

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    Parrotlover77 said…
    Pocketshield is worth every penny. It is, by far, the most stable, easiest to use, and best look'. :-)
    Stewart said…
    Thanks, I really needed that one.
    Anonymous said…
    OMG,there is a Chinese word "今天" which means "today" in your second S2U2 screenshot,are you Chinese????
    Ali said…
    Very useful guide thanks a lot :) I was looking for a collection of Lock programs.
    Sunscape didn't work on my WM6Prof. Orbit2 device. I use S2U2 and ThrottleLock (hope to be freeware in future too). A common problem is unlocking whenever Galarm comes up.
    Guest said…
    there are lots of unlock source avail; across the gloge,before get unlock source should aware how to utilize the source inorder to that i found unlock guidence where can get clear picture about how to use the source or unlock code
    Cedric said…
    Still usefull in 2010, thanks