Is that Samsung Omnia visiting the Mobile Spoon?


First came the Diamond, then came BlackBerry 8800, who joined the great iPhone, along with his close buddy, the Touch Pro, but then came the big guy, Touch HD that completely changed the rules of the game, just on time for the BlackBerry Storm to arrived and make us all excited again.

And now... I would like to welcome Samsung's best seller: the Omnia!

Yeah yeah yeah! (applause)

I just got the Omnia for a limited time, and even though I need to work with it (you all know I have a real work... seriously... I do!) - I will definitely check it out and write a detailed review about the popular phone which got the nick name: iPhone Killer.

I can already say it looks fantastic. It's lighter than it looks, it's elegant, it has the iPhone design except that it has some additional useful buttons which is great. I already saw it is packed with customizations (we like WinMo customizations) and the keyboard works perfectly.

I will post a detailed review once I get to play with it some more. But it sure looks at the moment like a really exciting Windows Mobile device.

More details soon, but meantime, you can all enjoy the Sumsing Turbo 3000 phone review.