March favorite posts

March is behind us and it's time to see if there are some specific posts which were more popular than others:


OK, let's begin with the ones that almost managed to get to the top 5:

Themes for TouchFlo3D by Jamilu007   (1.29%)

FEWidgetsLite for Windows Mobile    (1.30%)

FingerMenu - Finger Friendly Menu for Windows Mobile (1.37%)

Advanced Configuration Tool - All the WinMo Tweaks in one freeware (1.55%)

And now, for the top 5:

5. Tweak- Auto Rotation for HTC Touch Diamond, Pro, and HD (1.68%)

4. Tweak of the week(end)- See more appointments in your TouchFlo3D home screen (2.72%)

3. Tweak- Spice things up in your WinMo Task Bar with 'Colored Top Bar' (2.72%)

2. 50 tips and tweaks for HTC Touch HD (2.23%)

And the most popular post for March is:

1. 10 tips for true happiness with HTC Touch Pro / Fuze / Diamond (4.94%)

Great. And now for my favorite posts of this month:

Number #3 would be:
The Transformers live among us!

Number #2:
One night stand with BlackBerry Storm

Number #1:
History of PDAs. It took me a while to write them, hope you found them interesting (more of those will come soon)


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