Microsoft's Marketplace - some more information

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More than twenty-five ISVs will announce support for the Marketplace. They include 3deep by LiteScape, Accuweather, AP Mobile, CNBC, Developer One, EA Mobile, Facebook, Gameloft, Glu Mobile, Handmark, Ilium Software, Jeyo Inc., Kinoma, Magmic, Melodis Corp., MySpace, Namco Networks, Pandora, PhatWare Corp., Resco, SBSH Mobile, ShoZu, Inc., Sling Media, Spb Software, Web Information Solutions, and Zagat Survey.

The mobile blogshpere is full of first screenshots so I figured it's about time I put some of my own.

After getting some negative feedback, Microsoft decided that developers will be free to submit application updates throughout the application's lifecycle at no extra cost. In addition, customers will be able to purchase applications with a credit card, or have the costs appear directly on their phone bill. Additionally, customers will be able to return an application within 24 hours after the purchase for a full refund.

I'm wondering, what do you think of it? Is it better than the usual freeware/software sites we all are using?


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Anonymous said…
it still makes no sense to me why so many carriers and platforms make these new online stores / marketplaces when we have been getting all of this stuff from for free for years.