More themes for SPB Mobile Shell 3!

Before you begin: Did you know SPB Mobile Shell 5 is out? Here's our take of it!
More themes for SPB Mobile shell 3 continue to pop very quickly.
Here's a nice collection I made out of the better ones I could find:
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Original Skin for VGA

PalmOne, Windows Mobile, Now BlackBerry OS?
Looking for Windows Mobile smartphones? It might be tough…
So what is really happening with Windows Mobile?
iPhone, Android, Palm, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Which One Is The Prettiest?

Here's a skin for all of you Star-Wars fans:
And my favorite: Transformers theme:
Attached Files:
iBMXX187 Vynil by (2.25 MB, 19 views) (5.85 MB, 23 views)
iBMXX187 ActuShell (2.12 MB, 24 views)
iBMXX187 Starwars (1.60 MB, 12 views)
iBMXX187 Transformers (1.72 MB, 13 views)
All found in this thread:

Give it a try! 
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ibmxx187 said…
woo those are my cabs!
MobileSpoon said…
Which ones? The Transformers ones?
fizzy said…
whay can't i dload your transfomer theme??... i aredy register the forum..
sorry for my bad english..
fizzy said…
i recive the masage from the forum... pleas help me.. waiting for a week for dload this themes..

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Guest said…
oh so good
Invitado said…
como haago para tener un thema que veo que son extraordinario que solo con el dedo se utiliza muchas herramientas tengo un Omnia Samsung i900
Guest said…
how to you install the themes to the mobile phone. that is where im lost completly please help
Guest said…
when I install these themes to my omnia...nothing happens at all

Please help
Metformin said…
This very lovely theme
Anonymous said…
tks guy.