Apr 29, 2009

More themes for SPB Mobile Shell 3!

Before you begin: Did you know SPB Mobile Shell 5 is out? Here's our take of it!
More themes for SPB Mobile shell 3 continue to pop very quickly.
Here's a nice collection I made out of the better ones I could find:
28042817 11300144
Original Skin for VGA

PalmOne, Windows Mobile, Now BlackBerry OS?
Looking for Windows Mobile smartphones? It might be tough…
So what is really happening with Windows Mobile?
iPhone, Android, Palm, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Which One Is The Prettiest?

Here's a skin for all of you Star-Wars fans:
And my favorite: Transformers theme:
Attached Files:
iBMXX187 Vynil by apothehouse.cab (2.25 MB, 19 views)
berry66.cab (5.85 MB, 23 views)
iBMXX187 ActuShell skin.cab (2.12 MB, 24 views)
iBMXX187 Starwars theme.cab (1.60 MB, 12 views)
iBMXX187 Transformers Theme.cab (1.72 MB, 13 views)
All found in this thread: http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=66642

Give it a try! 
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