Samsung Omnia Thoughts - Day #1 (TouchWiz)

Screen46 Screen49

You all probably know how I waited to get that sexy looking Omnia!

I admit, it took much longer than I thought, but eventually I have it, even if for a limited period of time.

This is not my full review (I will write it in a couple of days) but I do have one thing to say: I don't like the TouchWiz.

Not that it makes me want to dump the phone. After all, it does seem like I'm really going to like it, plus I can always go back to SPB Mobile Shell, but still I cannot see the benefit of having to drag small widgets to a surface too small to host more than a few, just to realize they don't really do much.

Since there's not tabs in it (the OmniaHD has that) - there is very little place for the widgets, and actually - very little you can do with it.

SPB Mobile Shell - here I come.

More Omnia thoughts very soon! (so far the phone looks amazing!)

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Leonick said…
Well ive only had my hands on the Samsung touchwiz, basically a demo of the touchwiz interface as it lack windows and runs on some other crap :P

Anyway i can say the same, sure i guess the touchwiz interface might get more "normal" cellphone users to buy the phone, but for normal WM users its just not as handy as the standard today screen... or Pontiui Home/Home 2 or SPB mobile shell... said…
good review! there is a firmware update with GPS unlock for this at