Turn your iPhone into Windows Mobile (Part #1)


So your daddy bought you an iPhone and now you are one of the cool kids in class, but what about productivity?
How can you become one of the big boys, you know, the ones that are still using the good old Windows Mobile. (That's right, the one with with old looking scroll-bar and the tabs... That one).

Few tips for those of you who crossed the lines and started using an iPhone. At first you were blinded by the fancy UI, but then you started to find missing features, things you really need in order to turn your phone into a productive tool.

It's time to bring back some of the productivity you lost along the way.

Here's another incomplete guide, and this time, for those of you who are trying desperately to turn their iPhone into a Windows Mobile.

Today Screen:

So you open up your iPhone. Now what? There's nothing to see other than icons, everywhere! (Those Apple bastards!).

The first thing missing for a WinMo user is a Today screen.
I managed to find a nice substitute which presents the calendar entries for the next few days in the lock screen. The great thing about it is that you can scroll the appointments list easily, which will prevent from the lock screen to close. Awesome!


Installation is done using Cydia:

Launch Cydia > Select “Sections” at haptic menu > Select “System” category > and select “Lock Calendar” or you can tap “Search” in Cydia and type “Lock Calendar” > Select “install” button at the right top and confirm it to install.


OK, so we can see our appointments like normal people, now what?

How about managing tasks, you know, the kind of things you would do with a normal phone.

I downloaded and tried around 15 different tasks applications, and finally found the best one for myself: Todo (by Appigo).
Not the most complicated one, and it doesn't integrate with outlook, but it's powerful enough and more important - simple to use.


I love it, look for it in the AppStore or check out the official website

Copy & Paste

Personally I rarely use copy/paste in my mobile phone, but, since many people mention it as a serious iPhone limitation, I decided to download Clippy.
So, if you want to clear that issue once and for all, simply download Clippy (using Cydia) and you have Copy/Paste for your iPhone.


Clippy will be presented when you switch to the number mode in the keyboard, and is very simple to use.

More details about clippy can be found in here.


After a while, WinMo users might feel a bit uncomfortable having too many icons in their winterboard. I felt the same after passing 6-7 pages, and that's about the time I decided I need folders.

I need a folder for tools I will never use, folder for stupid games I might need sometime, folder for links to sites I never check, folder for unused folders, folder for the unused folders folder, etc.

Categories is an iPhone application which will let you arrange your applications in folders! Ta-daaaa!


To download Categories, just open Cydia and search for the word: ‘Categories’.

Office Tools

One of the reasons why people stick with their WinMo phone is the need to read and sometimes even edit their office documents.

There are some workarounds tools for this missing capability in the iPhone, but I think the best on is QuickOffice.

QuickOffice is not a freeware, but it let's you view and edit word and text documents and also excel sheets.

I tried using it to generate a new excel but I must say it's not the easiest thing to do.

Nevertheless, it's a powerful application, and probably the best one for integrating the iPhone with the office documents:

format-text QuickOffice-iphone

To check it out (versions also exist for other platforms such as Symbian, BlackBerry and Android) - head over to QuickOffice.com

(or use this AppStore direct link)


So I think it's time to wrap things up for this part of the guide.

Using just a few basic apps and tools, we managed to add an "almost-but-not-quite" today plugin (for viewing appointments in the lock screen, tasks application, copy/paste capabilities, folders and office tools.

Nice, isn't it?

More tools which I'm currently using (and will try to cover in the next part of this guide): AudioNotes, Cycorder (video camera), Fring, Facebook and more.



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Russ said…
What about ifile in rock or cydia is it any good
Anonymous said…
Not sure I know what it is, I will check it out...

Meantime, chack out the new tip:
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Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has revealed the firm intends to release cheap Windows Phone handsets.