Tweak: Host Your Today Screen inside a TouchFlo 3D Tab

There's tons of TouchFlo 3D Tweaks out there, but this one seems like one of the most important ones:

Manila Today Page (MTP) v0.3.1.0 lets you host the classic WinMo Today screen inside one of the TF3D tabs!


No seriously... I mean HA!

Here it is in action:


Here's what the developer had to say about it:

.Net CF 3.5. You do not need to worry about .net memory usage because only MTP Configurator is written on .Net

Setup Instructions:
1) Setup MTPInstall.CAB to Main memory
2) Go to programs menu, run MTP Configurator.
3) Choose page to host plug-ins,
choose plug-ins you want to enable. Uncheck "TouchFLO 3D".
4) Click apply button. Close configurator.
5) Go Settings-> Today Disable TouchFlo3D. Click OK. Enable TouchFlo3D. Click OK.
5) Run MTPLoader
6) Selected plug-ins should appear on selected tab.
This is not ready-to-use version. For testing purposes only."


Head over to this XDA-Thread for more details and download links.

Important Note: I haven't tested it yet (my Touch Pro was brutally confiscated by one of my work colleagues...) but if one of you is trying that - please leave a comment about how it worked for you.

Found it over at the great WMPowerUser site.

If you like the idea and don't want to override one of the tabs, here's another alternative to achieve a similar functionality:

How To- Work with both TouchFlo 3D and the Standard Today Screen


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