UCBWeb Browser - Free browser for Windows Mobile

I'm not a big fan of any of the current WinMo Internet browsers.

I'm sorry to say that none of them matches the experience of iPhone's Safari.

True, Safari has the tendency to crash, without any warning, and it doesn't support flash, but since I don't care about flash when I'm using my mobile browser and since even with the crashing - the time spent to navigate between one site to another, open new links etc - is much faster than using any of the winMo alternatives - I still think it's much better than Iris, SkyFire, Opera etc.

I know many of the readers may not agree with me on this one, but hey, this is my own opinion right?

Anyways, today I came across another WinMo browser (freeware!) which actually surprised me with some of the features.

It's called UCWEB (I know... great name isn't it?) and it has a nice feature of moving between pages using finger gestures.

It also supports 2 presentation modes and has some nice features like saving the page to a file, download images in the background, bookmarks, history and more.

Here are some screenshots:

Screen82  Screen91Screen87  Screen83  Screen84  Screen88  Screen89  Screen90

Nice. I wouldn't want to recommend it (as I said - I'm not a big expert in windows mobile browsers as I don't use them that often) but I do think it is worth checking: so try it out!

Download UCWEB Browser 

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