What's biting Nokia?

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According to CNet, Nokia, the world's largest maker of mobile phones reported a 90 percent fall in first-quarter net profits.

According to the report, the global recession took a big bite out of demand for mobile devices, but looking at the performance of other players in the mobile industry shows that RIM and Apple are taking a serious bite out of Nokia when it comes to high end and smartphones market.

nokia5800ofc07sm13 copy That said, Nokia says it is seeing great success with its "budget smartphone," the touch-screen 5800 XpressMusic.

The company claims it shipped 2.6 million units during the first quarter. The device has a touchscreen and is specifically designed as a music player. I haven't got the chance to play with it yet but I do plan to do it in the near future and write about it a little bit more.

samsung-logo Meanwhile, in a far far place called Europe, Samsung (which is slowly becoming the Mobile Spoon's favorite) is giving strong signals with the touchscreen phones which are very popular.

According to GFK market research group, Samsung “topped the list of the most popular mobile phones” in the following countries: UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Russia.

More information about Samsung performance in Europe can be found in here and here.

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