Win a free copy of Calendar Touch - right now!


The first software giveaway of SBHS Calendar Touch was given to
Keith T...<<CENSORED>>...n!
(Keith already received an email with the relevant details!)

Hey Keith, congratulations! Drop us a comment and tell us what you think about Calendar Touch!

Second Giveaway will be given this Tuesday!

SBSHGiveaway As promised, we are moving ahead to our next free copy of Calendar Touch, here's what you need to do this time in order to win the contest:


What do you need to do?

Leave a comment in this post that includes a feedback, a funny story or a funny picture.

That's all.


That's it.

Just leave a comment and you will participate in a draw that will take place this Tuesday in which I will select a winner randomly using

About SBHS Calendar Touch:

full_calendaring_utilities touch_and_gestures

Read more about Calendar Touch in this MobileSpoon Review.

Visit SBHS website for more information about Calendar Touch and other great applications for Windows Mobile.

highest score* = calculation is done by the MobileSpoon based on the rules above, therefore, once we decide the winner - the results are final.


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Keith said…
Thank you so much for the free copy of <span style="text-decoration: underline;">SBHS Calendar Touch</span>.  I  just downloaded it and it looks great.  I look forwarding to getting more familiar with it. 
Thanks again.  I appreciate the gift!
Stewart said…
Hey I would love to be the first one to get Calendar Touch.
I could use a finger friendly calendar application.
redtrk said…
That is an awesome looking calendar! I know  i could use something to keep me on time,often times find myself screwing off and having fun instead of staying ontime!
Joedp said…
Pick me! Pick me!
MobileSpoon said…
Oh no! Is that you in the car?
redtrk said…
no, friend of ours trying to follow the atv's up a hill. Lucky for him the
cooler fell out and stopped the Gator from rolling end over end.
Guest said…
the combination of tasks with the calendar is a great idea.  I feel the weekly view looks a bit crowded, but not sure if there is a good workaround with the limited space you have to work with.
Parrotlover77 said…
I wish I had a good funny picture to upload.  Hmm...  Does this work? 
Seth said…
looks better than the default for sure
Yair said…
I could sure use a new calendar!
Really its very fantastic and interesting article and good facility provide for blog post.thanks