10 tips for true happiness with Samsung Omnia

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The Samsung Omnia is one of the best Windows Mobile devices I've used. It has good stability and performance, the screen size is longer than usual which is a surprising advantage, the virtual D-Pad is fun to use and the phone comes pre-loaded with an impressive number of customizations and finger friendly applications developed by Samsung.

(More Omnia thoughts in here)

If you are using one, this post is for you;

10 tips for true happiness with your Samsung Omnia phone.

#1. Replacing the Shell:

The first thing I did was to get rid of the TouchWiz interface. I didn't find it productive enough, end so, my first recommendation is to get SPB Mobile Shell 3 or any other shell which includes more features than just a couple of widgets.

Screen54 Screen56

Mobile Shell has some nice looking skins as well, which can be found in here.

#2. Easily activate the Task Manager:

Screen50 I found it by accident but this is one of the coolest things around!

To activate the Omnia's Task Manager the quickest way, just slide your finger from the Samsung logo (bottom area) upwards towards the middle of the screen.

This will immediately activate the Task Manager.


#3. Install HTC Task Manager on the Omnia:

tasklist If you still don't like using the Omnia tasks manager and you feel a bit jealous of HTC users, here's a way to get that cool task manager HTC devices comes with.

There are 2 options here, check out the links below:

Omnia Tip #11- Getting HTC Task Manager Work

Or check out TouchCommander's Touch Task Manager

#4. Easily lock your Omnia:

s2u2-160 The Omnia has a great lock mechanism that can be activated with a long press on the 'End' button. Still, sometimes you can easily forget to use it, and this may cause accidental calls, clicks etc.

There's a bunch of lock screen applications that can be found in here.

Check it out, some of the applications (like S2U2) have additional functionality embedded, which is nice. Pick one and and improve your Omnia lock screen mechanism.

#5. Disable the automatic screen lock during calls

Speaking of lock screens, have you noticed that once a call begins, the screen becomes shaded and locked? Well, if you don't like this features, you can disable it using the following tip.

#6. Customize the customizations (Menu screens):

One of the annoying things with the Omnia is that it's hard to customize the "menu" screen - both background and icons (which seems a bit too "blurry")

But, feer not my friends, becasue there's nothing which can't be tweaked! The folks at XDA found a way to change the background image and the icons themselves.

screen02ab6  icons

"I've found how to modify the background of the "Menu".
First find the file Launcher.exe.T1.skin in \windows.
Then you must copy the file to your PC and open it (I've used Reshacker).
Then replace the images BMP No 212, 214 (for portrait mode) and No 213 and 215 (for landscape mode) with other bitmap images of the size respectively 240x374 and 400x214.
Finally overwrite it in \windows with Resco Explorer (or similar)."

Modify the background of the 'menu' screen

Modified icons (check out post 20)

Modified icons

#7. Turn your Omnia into a removable disk:

diskonkey You can enabled your Omnia My Storage (8GB or 16GB) as Mass Storage. It will appeared as a removable disk on your Windows computer and MAC. This will allow you to copy and paste between the Omnia and your Computer. 

How to enable Mass Storage?

Go to Settings - Connections - USB Connection Mode and choose Mass Storage. Choose My Storage in the drop down box which will either 8GB/16GB. You can also choose to use Storage Card as the Mass Storage which is the removable memory card on your Omnia.

(Tip source)

#8. Increase screen sensitivity:

touch I found the Omnia's screen sensitivity perfect for my use, but it seems like some people have complained about it. To change the sensitivity you will need a registry editor, and once you have one, do the following:


- Click: change 1280 to 2000

- Down/Up: change 256 to 750


#9. Change the mouse pointer:

cursor-white The Omnia's virtual D-Pad surface is great and using the mouse option with it is surprisingly fun. If you are using this option, there's a way to change the mouse pointer:

Open a registry editor and go to hklm/system/state/samsung/mouse

Click on CursorShape and change the DWORD Data to a value between 0 and 24.
Click on Done or Save (you may need to restart your device).

List of cursors:

0 Standard White Arrow | 1 Orange V-Shape Arrow | 2 Blue V-Shape Arrow | 3 Green V-Shape Arrow | 4 Wand with Star on the End | 5 Pencil | 6 Crayon | 7 Paper Plane | 8 Seaside Windmill | 9 Little Man | With Stick (actually it looks like a Nun) | 10 Heart | 11 Bird

Complete list...

#10. More resource (keep the list!)

Last tip is a collection of good sites to find more tips & tweaks:

welcomehead_96 Change the opening screen to anything you like using this hack.

Colored keyboard.

Camera Silencer - silence the camera without needing to put it in vibra mode, after installing in camera option choose Camera Tone 3.

10 must have Omnia applications (forum)

100 How To's (forum)






That's it for this guide, hope you found at least one or two things you could use. Good luck with all those tweaks, and as usual, if there's something significant that I missed - don't hassistate to add your comment!

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Guest said…
Hi i was just wondering if anyone knows how to get back the original theme after applying this one?
Guest said…
http://krajus.mybrute.com good game
metalmanicman said…
I love my Omnia.
So completely customizable. Full funtion/Featured

metalmanicman said…
Good review...
 The Omnia is a great fone/device.
I really enjoy mine. Love the customizability
metalmanicman said…
Great Review...
The Omnia is a Great Device/Fone.
I really enjoy mine.
I particularily like the easy customizability
I have Customized the -Startup and Shutdown Screens
                                 -Main Menu,
                                 -The PhoneBook,
                                 -The Dialpad and Keyboards.
And More...
Anonymous said…
Great tips! Thank you. I learned a lot, especially the tip about finding the task manager. It's weird they would not publish these things in the manuals, but it is useful.
Anonymous said…
Hi,  Can I load Skype on an omnia phone.  Does anyone know how to do this? Can I download directly to the phone or do i have to download from my computer and then sync??