AgileNotes - Rich Text Editor for Windows Mobile

AgileNotesTouch_V4 AgileNotesTouch_V3

Here's a little finger friendly notes application for Windows Mobile which is more of a rich text editor (has even more visual capabilities than the original pocket word...):


  • Finger oriented touch user interface
  • Text format tools (style and color)
    within current word autoselection
  • Undo, redo and zoom operations
  • PWI, RTF and TXT files support
  • Embedded file manager
    with basic file operations support
  • Home directory settings for your notes
  • WVGA and VGA support
  • WM5 (*), WM 6, WM 6.1 support


Pay attention that the free version has some of the features disabled, so check it out first.

Download AgileNotes 

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AgilityLab said…
AgilityLab has released an updated AgileNotes 3.0 Touch build 3.02 with QVGA/WQVGA support for both of Free and Pro editions. Please, check www,