Circuit City Gets Second Chance With An Online Store

While many of the stores still sit abandoned waiting for another chance at life through another retailer or business, the Internet Side of Circuit City has been resurrected and is back in business. Systemax, the company that also owns TigerDirect and CompUSA, purchased Circuit City assets earlier this week and flipped the switch to the Internet Side of things and is selling Electronic Goodness once again.


Even though I did not have a Circuit City in my neck of the woods, I still hated to see them close all those stores. With so many other Online Retailers to compete with and who are already looked to for online electronic sales, Circuit City better come to the party with excellent pricing and service.

via BGR


Parrotlover77 said…
I was excited at first to hear Circuit City Online was back.  But then I visited Tiget Direct, clicked on a TV and opened the same TV on Circuit City's website.  Aside from the banner at the top of the screen, they were identical. 
So, really, it was just a purchase of the brand name.  The store is just CompUSA or TigerDirect with a new face.
Not really more competition at all.