Giveaway of the week - The winner is...


OK so as promised - it's time to declare the winner of the Winterface giveaway!

This time we manually picked our winner based on the comments you sent and the one that made us shed a tear was the one talking about a Bosch phone (Bosch???), a big one, given to a 12 years old kid, while all the other kids in school had much more elegant ones...

Apparently it didn't even fit the size of a pocket!


Reading that horrible comment, I decided there will be no draw this time, and therefore the winner is Leonick!


(This is the least we can do to to ease the trauma...)

I would like to thank VITO Technology for giving this giveaway - Laonick - I'm sure you will enjoy Winterface very much!
Drop us an email and we'll send you the details of your free copy.

More giveaways are coming soon!

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Leonick said…
Wow that sure came as a big surprise :O
Oh yea that phone were horrible :P
Ill send you my email adress trough the contact us link