iPhone App: Google Analytics Client

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We often talk about the huge number of useless iPhone applications like the iFart etc. But lately I managed to find a decent number of real productivity applications.

The one I like the most is Analytics. It's an iPhone client for Google Analytics, the service that gives every young  blogger or site manager a nice overview about how his site is doing.

Statistics about popular posts, number of page-views, unique readers, location of the readers, keywords, a lot of hot stuff, especially if you want to analyze how your site is doing.

Here are some examples:


Analytics for iPhone, is really a great piece of app, because it's finger friendly, as usual, and the reports you get in a snapshot are actually better than the standard web interface by Google... So now, I find myself checking the statistics of the MobileSpoon on a daily basis.


OK, that's a lie.
I actually check it every couple of hours...


I'm sorry!
You read me like an open book! I do it every hour! So what?

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