MobileSpoon Readers prefer the Touch HD over the Omnia

Well, I saw it coming...

Although I really like the Omnia, and tried to convince everyone around me that this is a great phone, the Touch HD wins this battle and according to your votes (not too many of them I must add...) you find it much better than the Samsung Omnia:

60% for the Touch HD, only 30% for the Omnia.


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Unused_Mind said…
My experience with the Omnia has unfortunately not been very pleasant. I found the touchscreen to be very temperamental and it would often double input to a single press, I also suffered from the phone going to into auto answer mode without even ringing.
I found the experience so clunky that I eventually ditched it in favour of an iPhone. However, I am a WM fan through and through and the day a WM phone comes with a capacitive touch screen, I'll have one in my hands (I hear Windows 7 coming next year will support multi touch)!