Palm Pre first hands-on review (and it's not here)


The lucky bastards in BoyGeniusReport had the privilege to be the first ones to put their hands on a Palm Pre.

Yep, that's right, the one we all desire but probably won't have in the near future...

Here are some quick first impression highlights:

Keyboard is disappointing; "When you try and type on the top row of keys, your finger hits the bottom part of the front piece and on top of that, you often hit multiple keys at the same time while typing".

Capacitive screen looks promising: "We’d rate it just behind the iPhone but in front of the T-Mobile G1 as far as screens go".

Head over and check their first impression, I bet they will be all over it the coming days writing more thoughts about it.


Here at The Mobile Spoon we also received a bran new device, which we will be reviewing shortly.

It's a yellow/blue VTech device with capacitive keys (5) built in yellow antenna and a useful switch button to turn the darn thing off.


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