PointUI Home 2 Pro is now available!


Few months ago I reviewed PointUI Home 2, and I liked it a lot. It has a nice UI, a lot of features, and it's working real fast.

Few days ago I received an email from PointUI announcing that the 'Pro' version of Home 2 is now officially released! The price is $19.95 USD and the Pro version includes some advanced capabilities which do not exist in the free version.

Here's a quote from the site:

"Building on the platform Home 2 Free provides Pro takes your experience to the next level. On the surface you’ll see additional functionality with a Contact Card with Details and Personal History, a Messaging screen that allows for custom viewing options, Folders in your Favorites and a growing list of Customization options including, Haptic Feedback (on some devices), Auto Lock, GSensor Support (HTC devices only) and Automatic Update checking.

Under the hood the scripting engine capabilities are extended to include more advanced features like GPS, SQLite Database Support and Advanced Customizaton Hooks to override default functionality Home 2. Why not check out our Roadmap highlighting functionality future releases will contain."

I checked out PointUI website and found an amazing community section with tons of themes, customizations and applets!

Here are some examples of custom themes:

 themePointUI themePointUI5 themePointUI2 themePointUI3

And the coolest thing: the custom applets which can be combined into the shell itself:

Appointments, Control panel, Profile Switcher, and Dial-Pad:

applet1 applet2 applet3 FutroDialerGScreenshot

And, if you read my product review, you probably noticed I mentioned that a Comm Manager was missing. Well, here's the thing, since you can add more applets - there's a cool applet that does just that:


Head over to the PointUI website and download Home 2 (freeware) or Home 2 Pro!

Also, check out the PointUI community page for even more cool stuff. 

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