Rumors... Everywhere...

ML-00004-C~No-Room-for-Rumors-PostersI've just returned to my regular blogging activities after a couple of rough days in which I had to work almost 24/7.

Getting all the updates from my favorite RSS feeds I've noticed there's a bunch of repeating rumors that simply refuse to disappear!

Here are some of the rumors you are most likely to find in any of the leading mobile sites, no matter where or when you check them out:

- Garmin's Nuvifone delayed once again (and again and again...)

- iPhone 3.0 rumors (new features, new specs...)

- More Palm Pre features announced (enough with it, give us the damn phone already!)

- Zune phone, (Pink, Zune, whatever, enough with that already!)

I personally find that annoying... No more repeating rumors please!

Do you have anything else you would like to add to this annoying ongoing rumors list?

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