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May 9, 2009

SBSH SafeWallet for iPhone and iPod Touch released


SBHS that recently released SBHS Calendar Touch for Windows Mobile, announced yesterday about a new iPhone application called: SafeWallet.

SafeWallet is a powerful secure storage application allowing you to securely store various types of information. Use SafeWallet to store business and private information and enjoy easy-to-use interface!

Security First - 256-bit AES encryption engine similar to US government standards; Encrypted wallets; Auto-Close upon exit and more!
Cards & Templates - Create cards using pre-defined templates; Add/remove fields from cards
Ease Of Use - Choose from 250+ professionally designed icons; Simple and user friendly interface

It seems like SafeWallet is also a great way to store notes and other items securely, which makes it a really useful.

Here's a video review:

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