SpooNotes included in 'Omnia Software Package'


When you develop a freeware, you can never know where it's heading and who will use or even distribute it.

I recently came across a post in one of the Samsung Omnia forums, linking to Samsung Mobile site.

And guess what, Samsung created a package for the Omnia users to download, it's called the "Omnia Software Package"and after downloading it I found that my freeware, the SpooNotes is included in Samsung's package!


Isn't that something?

SpooNotes is a small freeware I developed that turns your WinMo phone into a friendly handwriting tool.
The things that make it special are the capabilities to take or use pictures and write on top of them (ever saw Memento?) and the fact that the writing surface is expanding as you write (which feels like you are using a bigger screen...)

options notes3

I recently wrote good reviews about the Omnia, I love that phone, and it seems like someone over at Samsung liked my little app too!

(I just wish they told me about it...)

Download the Omnia Software Package

Read more about SpooNotes 

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VW said…
Does spoonotes allow you to set an alarm for particular notes?  Thanks!
MobileSpoon said…
Nope. :(
It has a different approach which is more simple; you can pin a note which will make him popup every time you unlock the phone, until you mark it as "done" or "un-pinned".
Amir said…
COOL! Way to go Spoon man!
Yair said…
Congratulation!!! It is always a good sign when someone is using your ideas!
amit said…
I just wish that you will find time & work out the bugs that I reported last time! :)
amit said…
Congratulations on having SpooNotes included in the Omnia package! :)
MobileSpoon said…
I know... did not have a lot of time to work on my tools lately...
Hopefully SpoonDo first, then SpooNotes.
BTW - leave a short comment to this post and participate in the giveaway contest!
amit said…
I hope that you get time soon! I tried some other apps for drawing but none
of them had 1 feature that SpooNotes has - multiple pressure type for pen so
do fine or bold inking. :)
And yes, I saw the giveaway post. Not taking part in it since I don't use
calendar much & so the default one suffices for me. So its better to let
others have a chance to win it (less participation means more chance for
each participant). :)
MobileSpoon said…
That's fine,
Keep visiting the MobileSpoon as there will be more giveaways very soon.
(hint: Vito, PointUI, Cliquick and more!)
Ken Gedgaud said…
I think this is great for you!  A company that probably buys (or at least pays it developers) for software picked your software to be included in the original distribution. I think that says a lot, because usually they would want the best stuff on the device.
I use this now and again. But I've gotten used to MobileWiki from Dale Lane. Once in a while I used SpoonNotes for drawing something quick or when I don't need to have my transcriber converted to text.