Touch Diamond II gets reviewed in detailed

I personally don't like diamonds, and it doesn't matter if we're talking about earrings, necklaces or gadgets...

But, since I know I'm in minority here, I decided to help you all find a very detailed review of the new HTC Touch Diamond (2).


Here's some of the summary of this review:

"As a whole, the Diamond2 proves to be a worthy successor in the lineup and it´ not a disappointment, except for the fact its less innovative alongside of previous models. The Touch brought out both TouchFLO and design that had been hard to imagine by then, while the Touch Diamond featured the awesome TouchFLO 3D and even shinier design. The Diamond2 is more ordinary looking phone, but its been devised as phone to allow easier use from the get go, features more robust battery, system memory that makes for faster response, memory expansion slot and even better interface than before. Throw excellent in-call quality into the deal and the HTC Touch Diamond2 definitely is one of the best Windows Mobile phones at present."

So if you are looking for a good review of this new phone, head over to PhoneArena and find out more about this interesting WinMo phone.   

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