Touch HD vs. Touch Diamond 2

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Another good video review (done by comparing between the new Diamond and the Touch HD.

Check it out!

Personally, I didn't like the old Diamond at all, and I still find it hard to get excited about the new one. I do agree that the hardware buttons are a good edition, and so is the zoom (assuming it's working faster than the zoom of the old Diamond...), but both of the devices miss an important thing: D-Pad! I can't understand the urge to get rid of this important navigation system called D-Pad. Especially when the WinMo OS screams for it.

Anyways, the biggest advantage of the Diamond 2 is that it's compatible with WinMo 6.5. On the other hand, most of the XDA people are already using Windows Mobile 6.5, so why do we need an official version...

What do you think?

War Of The Phones- Samsung Omnia Vs HTC Touch HD 

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Parrotlover77 said…
I am SO glad somebody besides me is talking about the lack of D-Pad!  If the HD or Diamond2 had a D-Pad I'd be all over them.  But without them, navigation in business apps (like excel) is a fricking nightmare.
If you look at the Diamond2 there is PLENTY OF ROOM for a D-Pad.  the zoom strip is useless.  Why not have an on-screen zoom strip?  Knowing HTC, the zoom strip will have limited support only for built-in apps, so it's just as useless as the zoom wheel on the first Diamond.  When I got the upgraded Opera (with the zoom button/on-screen strip), I stopped using the zoom wheel entirely on my Touch Pro.
D-Pads forevah!  Android has a D-Pad!  Come on, MS!  Force OEMs to put the D-Pads back! ;)
MobileSpoon said…
Parrotlover77 - <span style="">You are absolutely right!</span>
<span style="">It’s true that the shell can be activated using fingers, but then you get to those smaller settings screens with the check boxes or the list of items to select from and you ask yourself “hey… how the hell am I going to get to that point from where I’m standing… “</span>
<span style=""> </span>
<span style="">We want D-Pads!</span>