The two biggest advantages of BlackBerry


I started using my BlackBerry device all over again as needed a constant connection to my work emails, and I've noticed that it has 2 advantages over the iPhone which will probably never change:

1. No matter how skilled I am in typing with the iPhone keyboard - there's no match to the brilliant physical QWERTY of the Blackberry

2. A non-touchscreen has an advantage: you don't need to move your finger so much to get things going. In the BlackBerry - you just need to use 3 buttons (and they are very close to one another)- back, menu and the trackball which is very convenient.

Just a thought...

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Jeremy Gonyea said…
How does the BB compare with the WM devices with the hardware keyboard (i.e. my new Raphael)?
Parrotlover77 said…
This is precisely why the disappearance of the D-Pad from newer WM phones is an incredibly bad idea.  Your average Apple fanboy could not care less, but hardcore business users (and hardcore hobbiests like myself hehe) absolutely MUST have a D-Pad to get anything done at a reasonable pace in WM.  And HTC's Diamond/Pro style D-Pad is not good enough.  I can use it reasonably well because I understand its quirks, but to somebody who isn't a fanboy, it's incredibly annoying.
MobileSpoon said…
IT depands, BB has a lot of different models and of course WM has much more. I'm using BB 8800 which is not new, but it feels like the best mobile keyboard I've used.
I had a chance to try other BB which had less convenient keyboard
MobileSpoon said…
I totally agree.
I too don't like the new style of the phones without the D-Pad.
Especially when the finger gestures are not yet perfect (maybe in WinMo 6.5 they will be).
Samantha said…
Aside from the advantages mentioned, I love using Blackberry because I can easily access the internet. Using it allows me to easily access my Facebook and Gmail accounts. I can take pictures anywhere and get clear copies to post instantly on Facebook. Thus, I can easily update my profile and inform my friends about my current status!
Samantha Cole