Windows Mobile 6.5 is Done!


For the techies among you, these are old news, as you probably installed the WinMo 6.5 ROM on your handheld device.

But for the common people (and as the title indicates, the MobileSpoon is here to serve mainly the common people) – this means good news.

According to this Microsoft twit – Windows Mobile 6.5 is now ready.

Read more:

Windows Mobile 6.5 Features Walkthrough

More features appear in Windows Mobile 6.5

Source: ZdNet

Thanks for the tip Amir!

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Guest said…
Yeah but what's the bloody build no? ;)
kccasey said…
So when can one download the "Official" WinMo 6.5 release?
MobileSpoon said…
I believe it will take a while (my bet is 2 months at least) until we will start seeing some new devices with it.
If you cannot wait - head over to the XDA Developers - they already have some early releases of WinMo 6.5 over there...