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I love this one! You all know I'm a big fan of comic books and specifically super heroes and transformers.

I wrote in the past about ComicReader, which used to be very good freeware, and today I would like to introduce to you all an improved commercial version of it.

The best thing about ComicReader is that it has a magnifying glass features that magnifies the text boxes without magnifying everything else. So you can see the entire page, enjoy the context of each scene and still read the text without having to start zooming in / out and fight the page you are reading.

The application has a very smart mechanism that knows how to fit itself to the size of the text box - amazing!

Here's an example:


See how brilliant it is? I love it!

Here are some other examples: in the right one I placed the magnifying glass on 2 of my favorite characters: the evil Insecticons.


Navigating between pages is done by using on-screen transparent buttons. There is also a way to search for a specific page or open a different folder. The developer has told me that he is about to add more finger gestures soon so I guess there are more improvements to come.

iPhone Version:

ComicReader has another version available for iPhone users. I gave it a try and it's working beautifully as well. You do need to synchronize the comic files using a dedicated tool before you can view your images.

Here's the features list of the new ComicReader version:

  • Autosizing lens. Just tap on any text, and the lens will zoom in on just that part. Finally you can see the whole comic as the artist intended without sacrificing readablity!
  • Native support for zips, and rars files.
  • Autobookmarking. Comic Reader Mobi remembers your last position in every file, and even in every series. Switch between them without ever having to worry about losing your place.
  • Next page is pre-buffered so there is no lag between pages
  • High quality Image resizing ensures that images look their very best
  • Bring up the transparent onscreen controls by double clicking on the page, or pressing the lower corners

Here is a great video demonstration:


ComicReader is a great application to turn your Windows Mobile / iPhone into a perfect comic book. It is constantly improving and new versions are being released all the time.

If you like reading comics - ComicReader is in my opinion the best option today.

You can purchase ComicReader from here for $11.99.

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Rajesh said…
Great to have comics in mobile.
Goods Bookmarks
sks said…
WOW... now I have to buy an Iphone so that I can get this sweet comic book reader!  Transformers here I come!
Great app! I love reading Comics. I hope it has Naruto on it or perhaps Archie comics.