Controls Library for Windows Mobile

I found this controls library over at the WMPowerUser, a great place for Windows Mobile resources.

This controls library will save a lot of development time when trying to develop lists with kinetic scroll.

The set of controls, which cost $49.99 runs on .net CF 2.0, but brings an experience of an iPhone.

"Aimed at providing stylus-free user interfaces, the core component of Touch Controls is TochList is a flexible multipurpose list control that can be used for any kind of menus, lists or item viewers. The component also provides modern animation and transition effects which are powered by the kinetic scrolling engine that creates a realistic behaviour of the UI. Apart form the TochList control, the suite also consists of additional panel controls that can be used to create multi-button menus or status indicators. All components are fully customizable concerning the look and feel and support alpha bitmaps for full skinning capabilities. The component suite is continually being enhanced with further components."

Mirabyte Homepage

Here's a video demonstration:

I think $50 is a decent price if you want your app to be stylish. Don't you?

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Archangel said…
From all the comments on their user forum it sounds buggy though
Etchely said…
Version 2 has improved very much! It is both very stable and customizable. I already used it for several projects with big success!
Anonymous said…
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