Giveaway of the week: Comic Reader Mobi!

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OK people! If you are comic fans this giveaway is just for you!

Remember Comic Reader Mobi ?

Well, after communicating with the developer of Comic Reader - we decided to give away 10 free copies of this great application, which is the best comic reader I've used so far.

So we have 10 copies of Comic Reader Mobi - 5 for Windows Mobile and 5 for iPhone, and here's what you need to do in order to win:

Leave a comment in this post and tell us the following:
1. Your current mobile device
2. Who is your favorite comic book or super hero character.

And that's all!

We will randomly pick 5 Windows Mobile winners and 5 iPhone winners (assuming we will find 5, as I don't think there are a lot of iPhone lovers among the readers of this blog...), and send them a notice that they've won.

The draw will be done next Tuesday.

optimus example2

So go on - add your comment - the chances are really high because we are giving a lot of copies this time.

*Note - the iPhone free copies will work for US users only (there's a limitation in the generator...)

Read more about Comic Reader Mobi 

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Donald Matlock said…
Currently using a HTC Fuze.

Mainstream I would have to say Always been partial to Iron Man, though I play City of Heroes so any that I created tend to be my fav.
Kevin Sanders said…
Soon to have the iphone (c'mon Apple, just ship the thing already)

For me, it's always been the Bat.  I have been a huge fan of Batman for as long as I can remember.  I thought Frank Miller nailed his character in the Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One.
Meush said…
Nokia 6230

FABLES!!! 8-)
dreamcastdc said…
I have a iPhone 3GS, and my fav comic book would have to be Jim Lee X-men, and my fav super hero is Wolverive.
MobileSpoon said…
How's the new iPhone? Is it really that fast?
Wolverine is probably one of my favorites too.
dreamcastdc said…
Its much faster than the iPhone 3g, apps boot up quicker and the load time is much quicker, also the 3 megapixel on the phone take prettyy good pictures and videos, recording video in low light looks good too, and at a good framerate.. overall its worth to get the iPhone 3G S 16gb over the iPhone 3g 8gb
XenSA said…
I think this app will be great on my Tytn 2 to read the BEST comic in the galaxy Starblazer... and of course 2000ad

my device is a Tytn2 wm6.1
uzziah0 said…
I have a Dell Axim x51v.
I think I would go with Batman or Superman.
Jerry Barnes said…
HTC Touch Pro

The traditional XMen from before the movies with the super strong, nearly indestructible, Carol Danvers drained Rogue.
Zizza07 said…
I will be happy to win one if I have a good luck. I used to read commics on my sony clie LX70V. Now on my O2 XDA Atom life this particular comic reader will find a good peace of hardware to settle down. In the case of heroes I really like silver surfer who can promote itseld in cosmos and on any other planet.
BranBrow said…
Rocking the iPhone 3gs

My favorite no matter the season is Witchblade, hands down. honestly though it's hard to pick just one...
daddyRobot said…
iphone 3g

batman and avengers
Madcap said…
HTC Touch Pro

My favorite hero would probably be the original Deathblow from Wildstorm
djazz said…
Iphone 3g.

The one and only Incredible HULK !!
rorschach76 said…
iphone 3g

Id say its a tossup up between Jessie Custer(Preacher) and Spider Jeru(Transmetropolitan)
Sian said…
HTC Touch HD

My favorite should be emm... Iron Man (for now..) :)
Cam said…
Ipod Touch 2G

The Punisher
outphase said…
Using an iPhone 3GS.

Gambit has always been one of my favorites.
zohar said…
Have an iPhone 3GS.

Gargoyles has been a childhood favorite -- shame the series got canned, both TV show AND comic. :(
wermy said…
Sarah Pezzini from Witchblade -- definitely.  :)
Zane Townsend said…
I'm a big fan of Mike Allred's Madman. I love reading comics on my ipod and this app looks real good.
dr.T said…
HTC Prophet
Rob Fila said…
ipod Touch 2G

Kuno said…
My favorite's gotta be Spider-Man. I grew up reading those books, and I think he's still the best.

Oh, and I have an iPhone 3G S. :-D
Zachary said…
1. iPhone 3G

2. I've always loved Nightcrawler. Bamf FTW
CruelZeppo said…
1. iphone 3G

2. John Byrne era X-Men
Rameses said…
HTC Touch HD
Batman dark knight era :)
Wolfrikk said…
Ghost Rider

Seth said…
Samsung Omnia 910

Favorite? Used to be into X-Men, but lately I've been Joss Whedon's stuff from dark horse comics. My favorite character being River Tam from Serenity. <span style=" "><span style=" font-family: Arial;"><span style=" "><span style=" font-family: Arial;"><span style="">"I can kill you with my brain." </span></span></span></span></span> :-D
The Ronin said…
Currently, I'm on an LG Incite. My favorite super hero is the Thing, but my favorite comicbook overall is Criminal Macabre by Steve Niles.
RW said…
1. Sprint Palm Pro
2. The Dark Knight
Devin said…
Just got my iPhone 3Gs (with 35% cashback from!)

I'm really enjoying Invincible from Image Comics.

I also have started reading the new Cable serious.
Tommi44 said…
I'am using a iPod Touch. My favourite caracter is Piet Pienter. Fantastic Belgian comics.
greengit said…
guess im the poor boy in the bunch, with my iCLONE cect i9 3Gs, but you gota start somewhere!
gotta say 2000ad's my favorite,been getting it for 24 yrs now. (but the Bat comes a very close second!!
blacque said…
i love cyclops from XMEN really cant wait to start reading!!!!!!whoop whoop
Athomas44 said…
MobileSpoon said…
This thread is already closed.
There are already 10 happy winners.

But don't lose hopes because the next giveaway is on the way (and comic reader mobi will probably return to the mobile spoon soon)
Jonb said…
Ipod touch !

aaand Judge dredd.

I know he is a bad guy, but he is  utterly uncompromising, and thats awesome :)
Guest said…
HTC Touch HD, my favourite is cyclops from the X-men

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