Golden Axe for iPhone!


When I was young and restless (OK, who am I kidding, I was never really restless...), I used to play Video Games.

Video games was cool, you came, wasted your money on coins, put some coins to get a chance to play in a game you barely knew, finish your credits in few seconds, and then go to another station to watch one of the pro's exploits his coins much better than you...

Nevertheless, one of the coolest games in the 80's was Golden Axe.

And now it's available as an iPhone application. How cool is that?

I tried playing with it for a while, and it's indeed an exact clone of the game.

Controlling it is nice (virtual D-Pad working pretty well) and it seems like something to show to your friends and bring up memories.



Golden Axe is available on the App Store for $4.99 and can be grabbed right now! Here's the Golden Axe Link.

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