HDWobble for Windows Mobile

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This is a nice freeware to post at this late night hour. It's called HDWobble and it is probably the best productivity tool for Windows Mobile... (not).

Nevertheless, we like it and we wish to promote it - so here's a cool video demonstration:


  • suports VGA, QVGA, WQVGA and WVGA displays
  • custom image loading (tested so far: jpeg, png, bmp)
  • adding any number of round wobbling objects
  • deleteing wobbling objects
  • resizing wobbling objects
  • vibration feedback when wobbling objects are pressed or dragged
  • start wobbling using g-sensor, stylus, fingers…

More details in XDA-Developers.

Download hdWobble 

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Guest said…
What do I have to do to get this to work on my WinMo 6.1 Pro device?
MobileSpoon said…
did you check the XDA thread? I assume they have instructions there. Just install the CAB and follow any additional step.
I will try to install myself tonight and let you know