iPhone 3.0 - It looks promising, I'm going to upgrade soon.

If you haven't got a chance to check the latest improvements included in the iPhone 3.0 - here are the things I found significant:

Landscape support for more applications - this is an improvement I really waited for. At last.


Audio memos - I actually have that using free apps, but I guess having it part of the OS will give some benefits.


MMS - I barely need it, but I assume some people will be happy with it.


Global Search: you can move to a special page in the main shell which enables a search through the entire iPhone. Nice. Not sure how much I will need it.


There are a lot of additional improvements around performance and safari and other applications but my general thoughts about the list is that many of the improvements are so basics they were already solved using hack / tweaks or different apps.

Still, it looks promising and I can't wait to upgrade my phone (probably in a few weeks).

The complete list of improvements can be found in here.

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