Is that iPhone inside LG's new Shell?

S-Class UI

Oh my... the following video is not recommended for people with weak hearts.

The video demonstrates LG's flagship shell UI which will soon become the standard UI for all of their WinMo based phones.

It's called S-Class UI, but I would call it: S-Mess UI.

It is inconsistent, confusing, it has all types of animations and shortcuts included, without any consistent design or guide.

I don't like it on bit (in case you haven't noticed). One of the most important things in UI is being consistent, even in the cost of losing some functionality or effects.

To me the design looks like the biggest reason why I wouldn't buy such device.

Here's a video demonstration:

Oh no... 

Is this what we are going to see from LG and Microsoft in the near future? I certainly hope not.

HTC! Come back! I won't say bad things about TouchFlo ever again! I swear!

And, something else I've noticed which looks even worse: at as you can see from the picture above, some of the icons look like they were taken form... iPhone?!... is it a scam???

What do you think?

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Parrotlover77 said…
It doesn't look great, but i think you might be overreacting a bit...

That said... Personally, I wish all the phone makers would stop wasting time making different inconsistent interfaces.  Why not just license MS3?  Licensing a solid, great, stable, fun, and useful UI seems to be a much smarter move than going out on a limb on your own with your own developers.

I never really used TouchFlo 3D even when it was my main shell.  I was constantly launching other apps.  TF3D was just a big clock for me. lol

But since I've installed MS3, I can't see myself going back.  Now I just want the phone makers to give me good hardware.  I'll supply the software, thankyouverymuch!
MobileSpoon said…
As usual, I tend to agree with your comments.
MobileShell 3 is so reach and stable, and it's developed by a software company that specialized in UI.

I assume you are not the only one replacing the default shell with it.
Parrotlover77 said…
It really seems a lot of people are, if the hundreds-of-posts-per-day MS3 tweaks pages on XDA and PPCGeeks are any indication (not to mention SPB's own very active forums). 

My Touch Pro seems rushed to market.  There's a lot of inconsistent hardware/software integration.  For example, the capacitive button pad really doesn't work that well and it's only supported a tiny little bit in the official software.

It seems to me it would make a lot more sense for HTC to have worked really hard on the hardware and developed a very good (and bug-free) API, then sent that to SPB to tweak up Mobile Shell for their phone (as an example).

This is part of what makes the iphone so great.  It's a very simple UI.  I personally don't like a lot of things about the iphone's UI, but it is absolutely consistent.  Mobile Shell 3 fits very well with WM 6.5.  They both have the same feeling kinetic scrolling, for example.  It's an excellent alternative to the very barebones Titanium, without "reinventing the wheel" which is what TouchFlo feels like to me these days.  TouchFlo is just too different from the rest of WM. 

MS3 transitions SO much more nicely.  That and it's so much more useful, even if it doesn't have all the GUI special effects (which I could not care less about).