May's most popular posts:

So it'd a little bit late, I know, but you will have to forgive me this time as I'm currently working 24/7 and didn't have much time for my blogging hobby.

Here's your favorite readings for last month (May 2009)"

#7. The freeware section finally made it to the top list:
The Mobile Spoon: Freeware 2.79%

#6. My Omnia thoughts! It's a shame I have to return it back this week...)
The Mobile Spoon: Samsung Omnia Thoughts 4.60%

#5. SPB skins and themes
Change your SPB Mobile Shell skins on the fly! ~ The Mobile Spoon 4.83%

#4. More skins and themes...
More themes for SPB Mobile Shell 3! ~ The Mobile Spoon 11.95%


But the real winners for this month are:

#3. One of last months most popular pages: 
The Incomplete Guide to Windows Mobile Screen Unlockers ~ The Mobile Spoon 12.74%

#3 I was hoping this post will make it to the firs place, but almost:
10 tips for true happiness with Samsung Omnia ~ The Mobile Spoon 10.53%

#2. Our SPB Mobile Shell review became very popular lately:
Warning: SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 Released. It's Addictive. ~ The Mobile Spoon 13.83%

#1. And in first place - the themes collection people seem to be happy about: 
The Mobile Spoon: Theme 18.13%

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