No Windows Mobile for you!


I just cam back from a business event in the UK, and one of the sad things I noticed was that out of around 100 business people who participated the event only 3 carried a Windows Mobile device (and I was one of them...).

I was certain I will see a big number of BlackBerry devices - which I did, but I didn't realize I will see so little WinMo phones among business people.

It made me think about how bad is Windows Mobile's situation at the moment with so many devices that no one really cares about (Sony Ericsson XPeria anyone?) which are obviously a power devices but with poor usability. Trying to hide it with fancy TouchFlo stuff seem to work on specific people, but the non-techie guys still prefer the simplicity of BlackBerry, with one main menu button and one context menu button, simple D-Pad replacement (trackball), a UI with a consistent look & feel across all applications (even if it's a very simple one), and a simple candy bar form factor with decent keyboards and that's about it.

No messing around with registry tweaks, no Windows CE style error messages, no stylus. Simplicity. Not a lot to do with the phone besides emails and text though, but or most people - that's more than enough.

Just a thought...

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Sam Hobson said…
The thing about it is that a majority of windows mobile phones are not subsidized by carriers.  Most folks don't want to pay a premium for an unlocked phone.  They just go with what the carrier offers.  And I see so few WinMo phones subsidized by carriers.
Now, as for that last statement, "Not a lot to do with the phone besides emails and text though", I must disagree.  I am a proud BlackBerry owner (Bold), and I must say that there are a bunch of fun things for the BlackBerry.  It has it's own games, and it has all those java MIDlets out there, so IMO there isn't a shortage of fun on the BlackBerry.
MobileSpoon said…
Thanks for the comment Sam - I am replacing my old BB with a Bold soon - would love to get some "must have" applications recommendations from you.