Palm Pre - is it really that good?

Palm_Pre_Standing Palm_Pre_Side

I'm on the mood for some more Pre stuff, so here are 2:

1. In case you are interested, there's a nice collection of Palm Pre's icons in PPCGeeks. I downloaded them and they are very nice:


Download Palm Pre Icons


2. In case you are disappointed that you still don't own a Pre, here something to chill you out a little bit, 10 things which annoys Kevin from JKOnTheRun.

I went over those 10 items, and I must say they don't seem so drastic to me, maybe the only really important ones are the missing scroll bar and the quick jump to the top of the page.

Going over the comments, I found another list of missing features, and this time it seems more annoying:

1. Alarms on Tasks.
2. Categories on Contacts
3. GCal integration is slow. Often my calendar appears blank. Almost as if the calendar is being downloaded every time.
4. Navigating text using the keyboard. The only way to move the text cursor (to correct a typo, for example) is to tap the screen in EXACTLY the right spot. Needs something like arrow keys or the Treo rocker key.
5. Better/more calendar views. The week and month views are pretty useless. Need better ways to view more than one day at a time.
6. Landscape mode for more apps. Especially for Calendar, which would fix #5.

So, do you think it means the device has some serious issues? or will you hurry and get one as soon as you'll have the chance?

I know I'm still excited about it and intend to get me one soon.


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