Thoughts about the new Start Menu of Windows Mobile 6.5


There's an interesting post I found in one of my favorites, FuzeMobility site.

The post was written by by Dr. Jim Taylor, and it actually moans about the new start menu of Windows Mobile 6.5 (you know the honeycomb story etc.).

I recommend reading it, as it's definitely something many people will face when starting to use version 6.5.

There's also a nice tip at the end, recommending on a freeware called re/START (yes, that's the name, no typo) that allows easy editing of the new start menu:


"There is a happy ending though. Farmer Ted turned me on to Showaco’s re/START app which allows you to arrange your icons in every folder in your start  menu. It’s quick and easy, and it offers alternative icons as a bonus."

Original post 

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zizza07 said…
Yap it looks different and well arranged. Easily configurable and no ........mess. Better to have windows mobile 6.5 to start play with it.

6.5 is much less terrible than 6.1! WM6.5 is starting to become finger-friendly reminding iphone!!!!!
Dr. Jim Taylor said…
Thanks for the shout out about my article. It certainly has created quite a conversation. Ihope MS reads it!
zizza07 said…
Yap MS should read it but they certainly had also other prijects but they choosed this one. For sur pda owners will turn to intall spb shell type products, dont they do it on windows xp and vista! Their shell is only a way of point of view and in my opinion is just to finalize quickly the product for market. The software do not fix the hardware and only makes a good wall paper but other will take it as a start. Look to palmpre as soon as its on the market they start classic