Transformers - Revenge of the fallen


Saw the movie yesterday, enjoyed it a lot, although, as usual, as a Transformers fan, I have some problems with it...

The good things:

- SoundWave! At last! Thank you Michael Bay for listening to the fans
- More robots, and some great looking ones as well.
- Good jokes (not in the middle of the fight, but in-between scenes)

In addition, there were some cool reminders of the original comics like Devastator, Ravage, the usual argues between Megatron and StarScream, and more.

Here's the new version of Ravage, one of my favorite characters:

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

And here's the earth mode of SoundWave (which had a different mode in the movie):


The bad things:

- SoundWave! Why so little!? It's the fans' favorite!
- Again, the fighting scenes were too detailed and hard to digest
- In the middle, there are 30 minutes of "find the treasure" crap
- What about other Autobots? All we saw was Optimus and Bumblebee
- Why on earth did they make Megatron and StarScream so ugly?

I heard someone saying that too many robots looked like paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, what do you think?

megatron-transformers-1 Whimsical-Portrait

In general the film is very enjoying, good entertainment with nice action, but my two main problems are that the evil Decepticons were not presented as "evil" enough, and the biggest problem I have with the film is the annoying fighting effects which are too zoomed in.
All you get to see is tons of steel, moving too fast for a human eye to understand, too loaded with details, making it impossible to enjoy the fight.

Here's an art image of Devastator, too bad it didn't look so good in the movie itself...


Fun action movie, but just like the first one - not the AMAZING thing I expected to see as a fan of the original series.

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