What would happen of RIM in few years?


I would like to recommend on a very interesting read by Boy Genius Report, talking about RIM, and how far it can go with the brilliant BlackBerry, which is, and I believe many will agree - an amazing smartphone, but has some limitations.

The biggest problem, as described by BGR is the software, and I have to admit, that's exactly my biggest problem with BlackBerry too.


You have a great looking device, comfortable, with the perfect for factor, simple to operate, not too slim, not too delicate, good performance, stable, real push of course, and everything is working perfectly.

But what about some decent software (or better: freeware) to spice things up? That is something that seems to be missing.

On the other hand, many people thought RIM will not win the battle against bigger OS and it seems like BlackBerry phones are just becoming more successful every quarter.

If you are using a BlackBerry, or thinking of getting one - I recommend reading this one, it's a very interesting opinion.

I will publish my own thoughts of BlackBerry Bold, a device I recently started using. So far it looks like an amazing smartphone with one problem... software... hmm...

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