AIM 2.0 for Windows Mobile


AIM for Windows Mobile 2.0 Beta is available, you can grab your free copy right now.

What's new in AIM for Windows Mobile 2.0:

  • Lifestream! This is big. Keep tabs on what's going on with your buddies. We've added a convenient "Lifestream" tab to the Buddy List. There is so much to check out:
    • Get AIM activities like status updates.
    • Got friends on other networks? Add your Facebook or Twitter services and never miss an update. Start syncing to your accounts by going to and update your settings.
    • You can add your YouTube or Delicious accounts too.
    • Leave a comment, like an item. Obviously, if your friends don't have the beta they won't know about the Lifestream so if you want to try out commenting back and forth with someone make sure they have the beta too.
    • Read comments made by your friends. Obviously, if your friends don't have the beta, they won't know about the Lifestream. Comments can be made on the desktop AIM beta client or at
  • Me tab. The "Me" tab is a companion to the Lifestream that lets you know when people leave you comments or "like" your updates.
  • Minor bug fixes. Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Download the CAB file here, or click here to send it to your phone.

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