Amazing user interface in SimCity for iPhone


I recently started playing SimCity in my iPhone.

I used to play the very first version of this game when I was a kid, trying to find the perfect way to design and maintain my cities. The concept remains the same, but they sure added a lot of options to this addictive game.

The reason I'm sharing this with you is that I found the user interface of the game (in the iPhone version) very impressive. I was amazed to see how EA managed to squeeze in all the richness and functionality inside this tiny screen!

The secret is in the brilliant user interface.


If the iPhone is known for its' amazing user interface - then what EA managed to do with Simcity is definitely the best of it.

The buttons, the way options are expanding based on the selection, the animation of each click, everything seems to be designed like a master piece.

I'm not sure about how much I will eventually enjoy the game itself, but I'm already enjoying the user interface.

Here are some UI examples:


Clicking on the "more" option presents some more buttons in the bottom and makes the "more" button highlighted:


Clicking on one of the sections (in the left) will open some more options:


I love applications or games with really good UI, and SimCity has definitely one of the best game interface I've ever seen in any mobile device.

Check out the game (I know I didn't review it much, my intention was only to point on the remarkable user interface of it).

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