Customized Omnia Launcher


It has been a while since I had something interesting about Samsung Omnia.

Of course, with the new Omnia line of devices, it is nice to see some stuff related to the original Omnia which is still a very popular phone.

Here's a nice skin for the Omnia special menu, I found it at the 'MySamsungOmnia' blog, and I think it's very nice.



DOWNLOAD FILE : Launcher.T1.Skin
(After download, please rename it to *.rar and extract)

1. With Resco Explorer or Total Commander search the file “” in the /Windows folder (default Omnia file explorer cannot copy/cut/overwrite system files so use Resco Explorer).
2. Copy it to another folder (for back up purpose)
3. Download the attached file (above) . Edit its properties, make it: read-only,hidden and system file (with pc or with Resco Explorer).
4. In the /Windows folder overwrite the “” with my “” file
5. Close (not minimize) Omnia main menu and restart the application. If it didn’t show any effect please restart the device.

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