Giveaway: SBSH GoNews Touch 1.1


Giveaways season starts again here at the Mobile Spoon and I'm happy to be able to give away 3 free copies of SBSH GoNews Touch 1.1 - the latest version of GoNews Touch with new features and many improvements!

Read more about GoNews Touch 1.0

Read more about what's new in GoNews Touch 1.1


This time, to win a free copy, we are asking for some of link lovin'!

Show us some love by adding a link to your favorite mobile spoon post to any web site you can think of: facebook, twitter, myspace, dig, stumbleupon, or any other way you can think of (your own site? blog? other sites?).

As long as you are not spamming other sites - every link counts!

After you place your link - point to it in a comment to this post and you will be participating in a draw in which I will pick 3 happy winners!

That's it. I hope it's not too complicated (we'll see that in a few days) - I think the free GoNews copy  is definitely worth it.

Good luck!

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ha14 said…
Nice to have this update of SBSH GoNews Touch 1.1.

Here I intoduced to Apparently they made a good update from 1.02 to 1.1 which is Google Reader Syncing support.
Parrotlover77 said…
I tried the demo of GoNews and really liked it.  The only reason I didn't buy it was because there was no automatic download of podcasts support (like in RSS Hub, which sucks otherwise).

Anyway, for free, I'll take it!!!  :-D

Link posted on my Facebook Wall:
Dirtyfrog said…
I've tried the demo and it's rather good 8-) I used to use a similar app that for some reson no longer works on my phone :(

Linked to the site via twitter
Dirtyfrog said…
doh, link to my tweet didn't show up