How about a Virtual D-Pad?

With all the new WinMo devices by HTC (and others) with no physical D-Pad, I'm thinking there's a real need for a software that will supply a virtual D-Pad.

Actually, Toshiba already did it - as you can see in the picture:


I think such software might become very useful for devices like Touch HD, Diamond II etc.

I saw a few threads about it in the XDA Developers, but if someone knows how to programatically lunch the arrow keys - I will be happy to create the UI for such application.

Or, if anyone knows about such kind of software - please let me know and I will publish it here.

BTW, just remembered I once created a nice D-Pads guide. Take a look: The Incomplete Guide to D-Pads.

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Parrotlover77 said…
A virtual D-Pad to a D-Pad is like a donkey to a thoroughbred.  It just won't cut it!

The D-Pad works because it is tactile.  A flat screen with no edges is not tactile. 

I can be driving and find my right arrow key without looking to skip to the next song.  How can I possibly do that with a virtual D-Pad?

No, I'm afraid the trend of eliminating hardware buttons must stop.  Just because Apple does it, doesn't automatically make it right.  Apple still does not include a right mouse button (let alone a scroll wheel) for their Macs.