How big do you want it to be?

Really big man

Recently I had a chance to work with the Omnia and Touch HD. Two devices with an unusual form factor (in terms of screen size) and big size.

While the Omnia (smaller than the HD) feels perfect in the hand, the Touch HD seems to feel a bit bigger than the standard "power-phone".

Still, the amazing WVGA resolution, and the cutting edge design, made me think the HD is the best smartphone running Windows Mobile. I even thought the fact that it's so big is actually an advantage for a gadgets fan as myself. After all: everybody knows that size counts.


Yep. I sure prefer having a device which is big than one too small like the first Touch Diamond.

But now with the new gigantic Toshiba TG01- it seems to me like the size advantage was taken too seriously. It seems like this phone was designed by someone with a really low self esteem...

Take a look at the Toshiba phone vs. the Touch HD. Amazing, isn't it? The Toshiba phone is simply HUGE! Too much if you ask me! This is not a laptop guys! it's a smartphone!

Here's a small demonstration: Toshiba TG01 next to the HD midget... funny, isn't it?


So here's a question for you: How big do you want your phone to be?

Is it as small as possible - such as the original Touch Diamond?

Is it somewhere in-between like the Samsung Omnia, iPhone, and other smartphones?

Is it a big one like the Touch HD? Or maybe one of those huge ones like the new Toshiba?


So go ahead!

Tell us - how big do you want your smartphone to be?

Vote and let's find out what is the current trend!


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Hi, great pool! :) Bigger and heavy devices as they can :P