HTC Hero running on Windows Mobile (Throttle Launcher Skin)


Just the other day I asked for help with getting the HTC Hero user interface (the Sense UI) into my Windows Mobile phone.

And it seems like there is a solution!

Saijo (from 1800PocketPC) just dropped us a tip about a theme created for Throttle Launcher that looks very much like the Sense UI!

How cool is that?

The Hero theme was created by XDA-Developper ryomahino and it can be found in this XDA thread or that one.

Here are some examples (click image to enlarge):


20091857 Check this theme out in the throttle forum.

Thanks for the tip Saijo!

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Saijo George said…
:-D , glad to help mate
htc hero skins said…
There is a tweak availibility to run a separatre smartphone UI .
htc hero skins said…
unique skins!!!!HTC hero is really provide good functionality....It fits well on my phone...